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At Norkem Park Primary we endeavour to provide a "Standard" where our young can find consistency amidst the change. This standard is held aloft by the Standard bearers of good moral ethics and values, self-discipline, religious and race acceptance and opportunities for growth.

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Norkem Park Primary School is the school of choice in our area. The School is currently an English-medium institution equipped with human resources to cater primarily for those learners whose mother tongue or chosen language of tuition is English.

Our School offers a wide range of subjects to meet the needs of our pupils - English; Afrikaans; Mathematics; Science; Biology; History; Geography; Technology; Art; Life Orientation; Physical Education and EMS.

Norkem Park Primary has been innovative in taking on student teachers in a Learnership Programme. UNISA, the National Union of Educators and the European Community support it. All students are required to be registered with UNISA to study Education.

Our School Badge: Floreamus - We must flourish!

In order to Educate well-balanced children, our School has a wide programme of Extra-mural activities.

Some of the purposes of offering After-School Activities are:

  • To foster participation in a variety of age-related interests.
  • To develop dexterous skills as the young person grows.
  • To provide an interesting alternative to sedentary pastimes.
  • To promote appropriate social interaction.
  • To generate a growing awareness of teamwork.

Extra-mural activities include: Athletics; Chess; Choir; Cricket; Mini-Cricket; Drama; Dancing; Eisteddfod; Netball; Junior Netball; Soccer; Junior Soccer and Softball.



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